Bamboo Hair Brush (Large)


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Restore your hair balance and shine with this plastic free hair brush made from a natural bamboo handle/bristles and a rubber mat base. The brush is designed to glide softly through the hair without catching and damaging, or generating static. Make your combing rituals greener with this Bamboo Hair Brush.


Key Features

~ Restores hair balance & shine

~ Designed to glide softly through the hair without catching and damaging, or generating static

~ Can be used on both wet and dry hair

~ Great for styling and detangling

~ Heat resistant, works with blow-dryers

~ Suitable for all hair types – curly or straight, long or short

~ Bamboo handle & bristles, natural rubber mat base

~ Plant-Based & Plastic-Free


No More Static

When using a plastic hairbrush it creates an electrical charge that leads to static. This will show up as fly-aways, tangles and frizziness. Bamboo has a neutral to negative charge so static is reduced, allowing your hair to stay nice and smooth. You should notice less snagging and hair breakage when you use a bamboo hair brush.


Let’s get shiny

A bamboo hair brush glides through your hair, teasing the natural oils from the scalp along each strand, which results in a shinier, glossier appearance. These natural oils work to protect your hair and with continued use, you should notice that your hair is healthier, stronger and smoother, all the way to the ends.

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