2020 Sustainable new year resolutions

Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

2020 is already starting off to be a year where the demand for action on climate change is being chanted in the streets. Motivated by the extreme weather conditions that Australia has been experiencing recently, many people are experiencing a wake-up call. As the masses continue to pressure the government, what can the average person do when it comes to lessening the impact of climate change?

The feeling can be very overwhelming; facing in action, seeing the direct results of climate change inaction and not knowing how you can help, but it does not have to be that way. Just like you make resolutions to be a better person at the beginning of every year, living an eco-friendly life to those resolutions is a step towards taking individual action on climate change. 

If you are really committed to a more eco-friendly life, instead of overwhelming yourself just like many of us do when it comes to a lifestyle change, here are some tips that can make switching to more sustainable living just that little bit easier:

Start slow and steady. Just like when it comes to making goals of committing to a new work-out routine, going in too hard too fast is a sure way to set yourself up for failure. Every little change helps, so your life does not have to be overhauled overnight.

Ditch an all or nothing approach. Like with many resolutions; eating clean, quitting smoking etc. People tend to go all or nothing, getting upset at themselves if they make a mistake and then giving up. If you forget your reusable cup or the only food you can eat has plastic packaging – don’t be so hard on yourself. Just reflect and be better prepared next time so that you can make a more sustainable choice.

If you’ve bought it, use it. If you’ve decided to go vegan, or you want to use more sustainable products around the home, do not just throw out everything at once. If you have purchased it, it has already made its contribution and throwing it out just means it is going to be wasted. Replace products as you finish using it with more sustainable options and if you really do not want to use the product, whether it be a cleaning product or a plastic toothbrush, dispose it thoughtfully.

Give Yourself a Goal. While you may be going slowly, give yourself a goal to reach. For example, from now until March you will not buy a coffee in a single-use coffee cup. By June you will have replaced all cleaning products in the house with sustainable options. Set goals that are attainable and not overwhelming.

By implementing this mindset into creating a more sustainable lifestyle, the pressure on sticking to your new year’s resolution of living a more sustainable life will not be as overwhelming. 

Instead of trying to be perfect right off the bat, give yourself room to make mistakes and slowly make lasting lifestyle changes. Make the resolution of living a more sustainable life.


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